Indonesian music

If you are looking for the best of the best hits in Indonesia, then look no more. This is where you are going to get the best hits from your favorite music artists from Indonesia. Latest songs, old school, hip hop, blues and other genres can be downloaded all under one roof. This site is dedicated to ensure that you download the songs with ease. The steps to downloading the hits are very simple to follow. All you have to do is to select the song you intend to download from the provided list and then click “download”. You may also use the search box to get the songs. Our website is a like a compass for foreigners who thirst to know more about Indonesian culture and music. There is a lot of diversity in music culture in Indonesia. This diversity is created by the fact that almost every island in Indonesia bears its music culture and origin. We have indigenous music and an exotic-like music which has been influenced by music cultures outside Indonesia. There are local and international scholars who research, record and document music from the Indonesian islands. Such islands include Sumatra and Java. Some of the research, recording and documentation was done in the past, however, we still has some going on. It is so amazing to realize that these historical records contain chants and songs from different tribes. Most of these songs and chants were played during rituals. A lot has changed since then. Contemporary music is now popular in Indonesia.

Contemporary music in Indonesia

Unlike the traditional music in Indonesia which is harmonic in nature, contemporary music in Indonesia is very bright and strong. Foreign influence has contributed to this nature of the contemporary music in Indonesia. Foreign music genres that have contributed to this influence include rumba, American jazz, blues, foxtrots, tangos and Hawaiian guitar. All these genres are being performed by local music artists. Genres such as rock, pop, jazz and hip hop were enhanced by Indonesian music. Indonesian music is very principle in pop music culture. Sinetrons, dramas and cinema have been impacted most. Indonesian music has been able to extend its boundaries over the years. It is now received and accepted internationally. It is very popular in countries like Malaysia. This has caused Indonesian tracks to have restricted airplay in Malaysia. This is since 2008.

Popular groups and artists in Indonesia

Music in India is seen as basic part of socio-religious life, and has undergone gradual evolution overtime, adapting styles from different cultures.

Some of the popular artists in Indonesian music industry include Anggun who started singing in 1986. She is a singer and a song writer. Mocca is a popular band from Indonesia. It is a pop band. Efek Rumah Kaca is a popular rock band in Indonesia. It was formed in 2001. So far, this band has two albums. Maliq and D’essentials is a soulful band made of eight people. Other popular artists include Adhitia sofyan, Naif,Kakel, the tree and the wild. You can get most of the popular songs from Indonesian from our website. It is our responsibility to keep your Indonesian playlist updated.

100 Tangga Lagu Indonesia Terbaru

  1. Mirza - Main Sharabi (feat. Mani Kular)
  2. Hindi Song - Nakhre Vs Guns (Remix)
  3. navi punjabi - Kulli
  4. TheOvertunes - I Still Love You
  5. Love & Raja Sharma - Tu Bewafa
  6. Humane Sagar - Kichi Luha Jharithila
  7. Jaz - Dari Mata
  8. Rupika Vaidya - Karle Manmani
  9. GAC (Gamaliél Audrey Cantika) - Bahagia
  10. Afgan - Jodoh Pasti Bertemu
  11. Judika - Cinta Karena Cinta
  12. Naseebo Lal & Umar Duzz - Mash Up
  13. Rendy Pandugo - I Don't Care
  14. Raisa & Isyana Sarasvati - Anganku Anganmu
  15. Isyana Sarasvati - Tetap Dalam Jiwa
  16. Isyana Sarasvati - Tetap Dalam Jiwa
  17. Gamma1 - Hidup Segan Mati Tak Mau
  18. Sheila On 7 - Bila Kau Tak Disampingku
  19. Ungu - Demi Waktu
  20. Ungu - Tercipta Untukku
  21. Masroor Fateh Ali Khan - Sun Saiyan
  22. Judika - Jikalau Kau Cinta
  23. Judika - Jadi Aku Sebentar Saja
  24. Afgan & Raisa - Percayalah
  25. Ungu - Aku Tahu
  26. Sheila On 7 - Lapang Dada
  27. Rossa - Kamu Yang Ku Tunggu
  28. Ungu - Cinta Dalam Hati
  29. Maudy Ayunda & David Choi - By My Side
  30. Judika - Apakah Ini Cinta
  31. Bankim Patel - Topaa Topaa Barshaa
  32. Jaz - Teman Bahagia (Acoustic Version)
  33. Afgan - Jodoh Pasti Bertemu
  34. Once Mekel - Anggun
  35. Isyana Sarasvati - Lembaran Buku
  36. Rendy Pandugo - Don't Call Me Baby
  37. Rendy Pandugo - 7 Days
  38. Nagita Slavina - Ku Jaga Takdirku
  39. Jebe & Petty - Di Dekatmu
  40. GAC (Gamaliél Audrey Cantika) - Galih & Ratna (From "Galih & Ratna")
  41. Lingua - Bintang (Remastered)
  42. Lingua - Jangan Kau Henti (Remastered)
  43. Lingua - Takkan Habis Cintaku (Remastered)
  44. Lingua - Bila Kuingat (Remastered)
  45. Westlife - Fool Again
  46. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
  47. Melly Goeslaw & Marthino Lio - Ratusan Purnama
  48. Iwan Fals - Ujung Aspal Pondok Gede
  49. Isyana Sarasvati - Mimpi
  50. Isyana Sarasvati - Keep Being You