A brief history of rock music

Rock music traces its roots back in early 1950’s in the United States. It resulted from blending African-American genres such as jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, country music, gospel music and western swing. Rock music is often characterized by musical instruments such as electric bass guitar and drum kits. The underpinning of Rock music is in rock and roll, and therefore, rock and rock and roll can be used interchangeably.

Progression of the rock music

Ever since, the rock music has developed into different subgenres which include; soft rock, hard rock, heavy metal, indie rock, experimental rock, punk rock ,piano rock, heartland rock among others. This has been attributed to, by the popularity of rock music around the globe with different regions having their own versions that favors the local nationals, with the United States of America and the United Kingdom taking the lead.

Some of the earliest and most famous rock artists back then are Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard, whose roots can be traced in the United kingdom. The popularization of rock music came around with change of culture, fashion style and dance craze that amazed the world. Since then, youths from around the world have strived to differentiate themselves from their parents’ generation through identifying themselves with rock and roll music. To date, most youths associate themselves with rock music, taking high the probability of further revolution of this music genre.

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