Why listen to U.K Music

Music is a powerful form of communication which can be personal, opportunistic and political. Music can help us release emotions as we express ourselves, therefore, it has therapeutic effect on us. Since most people choose to listen to music for pleasure, it can be considered as an instrument of social influence and change. For heart soothing, calm and sweet music, get yourself some U.K music.

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en.savefromnets.com offers you the best quality of the United Kingdom music. We profile for you the top 100 music chart and update it weekly to improve you experience on our site. The billboard magazine has extended its focus to U.K music. The list of music listed on this site goes hand in hand with the weekly billboard chart.

In U.K the most popular music among the youths today includes; punk, garage, R&B, house, rock music, hip hop, jazz, folk music and pop. Britain has flourished in the world’s music industry due to its links with many countries, mostly its former colonies and the United States of America. Some of the most popular musicians in the U.K today include Justin Timberlake, Calvin Harris, Pink, and Britney among others, whose music can be played and downloaded from en.savefromnets.com.

Music from the United Kingdom is stylish with very inspiring songs composed by inspired composers. This gives you a reason to play the music, and I am certain, you will not resist falling in love!

Background of the U.K music

Popular music in U.K can be traced back in 1920s where ragtime and jazz music began being popular among the youths. In 1930s Benny Goodman and his group, Glenn Miller and Arties Haw who were the most popular swing artists made swing popular. The music was fast paced and its dance style had young women being thrown into the air exposing their underwear and stocking tops. This had the dance banned in dance halls, creating room for jazz to regain its popularity. In 1940s boogie-woogie and fast, hysterical dance music found its way into the United Kingdom. Onset of this music in U.K was associated with the Second World War. Funny enough, dances were held everywhere! Slow romantic songs were also popular during this period. In 1950s rock and roll music gained popularity. In 1960s development of new genre of music in U.K was stunted, but during this period the Beatles gained fame.

Glam rock leapt into popularity in 1970s, with Elton John, Gary Glitter and David Bowie being the main figures. In this era, new styles in music such as colorful hair, platform boots, nail varnish and sequins were adopted. American influence in 1980s saw hip hop and rap music mushroom in the United Kingdom. The 1990s came along with Britpop, with British bands making big impact in Europe and the United States.

Nations of the United Kingdom have different styles of music separating them distinctly into English, Scottish, and welsh style. The genres of music are basically similar, the only variance comes about how different instruments are employed.

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