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A brief history of United States of America music has profiled for its users Billboard 200 chart, which is a chart ranking the 200 highest-ranking music albums in the United States, and is refreshed weekly. The chart is based mostly on both digital and retail sales in U.S, with the most selling music appearing on the list. The billboard magazine took a new course where they introduced billboard music awards and top music, artists and albums were rewarded. Billboard publishes billboard 100 hot and billboard 200 chart weekly.

On the U.S page, find the best music from renowned singers worldwide. The likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Drake, Chris Brown, Taylor swift, Kanye west among others. The US music is the most selling and popular music around the world with ear-catching tunes, rhythms, instrumentals and message.

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Understand the music of the United States of America

Music in the United States of America comes in many different genres namely; classical, jazz, rhythm and blues, experimental, salsa, country, rock, hip hop, bluegrass and pop. There are other specific forms which include, religious music and ethnic music. Religious music can further be subdivided into gospel music and Christian pop. Ethnic music is subdivided into forms like Native American, Latin, Anglo-American, African American, Celtic, New Mexican, Hawaiian, Cajun and Creole, and immigrant communities.

The music of the United States of America is influenced by its multi-ethnic population and shows a great diversity in style. Modern popular music traces its root to the emergence of African American blues and gospel music in the 19th century. The United States has the world’s greatest music market and its music is heard around the globe.

The government of the United States takes responsibility in regulating the music industry, enforcing intellectual property laws and promoting certain kinds of music. Musical works that include recordings and compositions are protected by the American copyright law as intellectual property when they are fixed in a tangible form (Wikipedia, 2016).

Importance of music in U.S.A

  • Social identity: Music goes hand in hand with aspects of cultural and social identity in America. Identity is through race and ethnicity, language, gender, social class, religion, geography and ethnicity. The aspect of identity comes about as a result of division of music genres/forms, which are considered specific to specific groups. For example: blues, jazz, rock, soul and hip hop were consumed by Americans of all races while in contrast, country music is perceived as a form of music for whites though it derives from African, European, Hawaiian and native American traditions.
  • Cultural homogeneity: American music is derived from a variety of cultures, making United States a cultural melting pot. Music has evolved through constant hybridization and transplanting technique, instruments and genre. For this reason U.S music has found universal acceptance, audience and has created distinctively new methods of cultural expression.
  • Industry and Economics: The music industry covers a wide field that ranges from recording companies to radio stations. United States accounts for about 30% of the total revenue that comes from this industry worldwide. Most major record companies in the world are based in the United States. This companies promote and market artists they have signed through advertisements, concerts, TV appearances and public performance.
  • Education: Music is an important part of education in U.S. It is mandatory in public elementary schools. It is a discipline that is accounted for by large universities in the United States that offer music degrees.
  • Politics: Music has been used in the united states by political parties and movements frequently to communicate their worth and ideals. In addition, it has been used for entertainment at political functions. Political protests have employed the use of certain forms of music in the past years. For example, music was used to oppose the Vietnam War and in Civil Rights Movement.

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